Odds and Ends

This week's presentation of What's For Dinner Wednesday was a repeat, homemade Macaroni and Cheese. You've seen it before, maybe even gone to the tab to get my recipe from over at MomDot, so I won't bore/torture you with a picture and a recap this week.

Besides, I'm hurting, happy and harried-all at the same time. The details, you ask?

Hurting-the neurologist appointment isn't until mid October, but the shoulder/arm issues are increasing in severity and frequency. You don't notice how much you use an arm daily until it starts hurting. Lifting a half gallon of milk hurts. Today, I started to scratch my back and had a lightning bolt radiate down my arm as soon as I rotated the shoulder to allow the arm to reach behind me.

I'm making mental note of what type of pain, how bad it is and how long it lasts to be able to provide specifics to the neurologist. As these issue increase, it is time to write them down for fear of missing something that is important for treatment and/or diagnosis. As compared to My Stupid Leg (trademark pending), I've been fairly silent about this issue on the blog. It may stay that way, but we'll see what lies ahead.

Happy-Last week, I participated in a Leadership seminar at school. For me, the return to school had to include being on campus. So, the second week of classes, I went to an Arts and Sciences reception and found out about a campus group that intrigued me. The next day, I met with the advisor and found out the criteria. My grades are not an issue, but getting a reference from an instructor could have been difficult.

Enter my Issues in Music prof, who wrote a very nice recommendation. Then I had to complete an application packet and write an essay detailing why I should belong to this select group. Yesterday, I had a panel interview that went well. I left it feeling that I gave them the best of me, that if they didn't choose me, then I wasn't the right candidate.

Tonight's email held a congratulations email. In a sense, it will be an opportunity to give back to the school, while also gaining valuable skills and connections. The only thing that could make me happier about the college experience would be to be invited into Phi Beta Kappa. All in good time...

Harried-I missed an on campus class today, in favor of training. Even if the class were not my favorite, I'd rather have been in school. Ah, it's only one week I'm missing, because the schedule is flexible for this assignment.

Training is interesting. The materials are poor and convoluted, the instructor isn't effective at explaining what she knows when the inevitable questions arise and the best thing about it is the people sitting on either side of me. It was somewhat flattering that one of the guys I worked with last spring came to me this afternoon to ask if I'd spend lunch time tomorrow answering his questions, since I understand this stuff.

Juggling school work, family time, cooking and a full time job is something that could fail miserably, but I think I've got a handle on things. I just make sure I am working on reading or an assignment when the training class is lagging and as soon as the kids are in bed.

I will say this-I bought a Crock Pot cookbook a few years back and never really delved into it. Now's the time to make sure there are a few decent recipes to try over the next couple of weeks.

There is a lot more to the harried, but that is a post for another day. Sleep beckons.


Just stopping over to say hello, Suzanne. It sounds like you've got your plate full right now. School, work, family, cooking, medical issues, etc. etc. etc.! WOW! That is a lot going on. I hope the sleep you do get is a wonderful night's sleep.

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