Back to the Flats!

We live about halfway between Tampa and Orlando. What this means for us is that when we get a taste for certain restaurants or stores, we have to drive 30 miles or more east or west to dine in favorite establishments.

When we visit those favorite places, if we get a table visit from a manager, I freely cop to asking "So, when are you going to open in Lakeland?" It always gets a laugh and several times, we've become privy to information earlier than is posted on websites about future expansion plans. For instance, we knew Ritas Ices and Buffalo Wild Wings had their sights set on our town before they published the info. (I don't think that info is on BW3's site yet)

Since we've moved, each time we visited a Tijuana Flats, we'd ask the question. About six months ago, someone gave us the answer we wanted to hear, that Lakeland would soon have a Flats.

It opened recently, but it's not convenient to us, so we hadn't had the chance to go until Monday-and it was CLOSED! So, this was gnawing at Ed until today, his day off-and we dined there tonight.


Once again, Chef Junior not only ate his food, he tried to steal mine (Flautas, yum). Once again, we got extra queso and had to restrain ourselves from licking the cup. Once again, we perused the variety of hot sauces and had to pick just one or two to put on our food.

But this time, we didn't have to ask "When are you coming to Lakeland?". Instead, the manager types at the table nearby asked us how we were enjoying and we got to say what we always do when encountering the happy first time visit to the new locale, "THANK YOU for coming to Lakeland!"

Now, do you think we should start the campaign for Pizzeria Uno to follow our other favorites?


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