When's It Over Wednesday

This has been one long, frustrating day.

It didn't start so bad. Wednesdays, since Game Teen's school is on the way to college, I let us sleep an hour and a half later, then drive him to school. Yes, it gets me on campus early, but I like having that time to do a last minute check of Blackboard and checking emails from overnight.

My class went well. We have organized our groups to do a semester long service learning project. This is cool on a couple of fronts. First, we all agreed we wanted to do a project that benefits kids, but the second is that one of my team mates is in my Monday night class. After class, I popped in to visit my advisor and ask a question, and we ended up chatting for a half hour. (I think I like this small campus benefit!)

The afternoon agenda was to take Game Teen to find shorts that fit for school and get the tires changed on my car and some dinner fixings at Sam's Club.

Instead, I got caught up in the hospital BS because Jane got released. She really shouldn't have been released home, but has no more rehabilitation center days left to use. This bore out when we spent twenty minutes with her unable to stand after trying to get out of the van.

I can't lift her due to various issues that have emerged. Eventually, the only option was that I was going to call 911-and she somehow was able to get herself into the house.

There's more to it than that, but the game plan for the day involved being done with my errands by about 4pm and make a decent dinner for WFDW. Instead, I was dealing with other people's stuff until six, and then had to venture out for my tires much later than I wanted.

Instead of the Corfu Chicken idea I wanted to play with, my dinner was this:

I think it's time for bed...


DoeWDW said…
Oh Suzanne, the fun never ends! Kudos to you for being flexible and helping out the extended family in the best way you could, even at the expense of tires and dinner. Keep hangin' in there!! {hugs}
- Doreen in PA

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