What's For Dinner Wednesday

For years, an online friend spoke of making Pernil, a Puerto Rican dish. She had four healthy boys who liked to eat, her husband is Puerto Rican and well, she always told how it was good for feeding the masses. It sounded tempting, but the cook it all day long thing? I wasn't keen on that when I was working.

A few nights ago, I made my Gyro loaf again at Jane's request and I put it on my Facebook status. Sherry commented "send me some!" and the reply was prompt: if you send me some Pernil, I'll send you some Gyro. A deal was struck.

My memory jogged, I googled Pernil to see spices and preparation I had to do to the pork shoulder and was surprised to find how simple it was. Make a rub, possibly let it marinate for a day or two (I didn't, but will next time), then roast low and slow for hours.

Now I'm kicking myself that I didn't try this sooner. The meat falls off the bone and is tender and juicy. I am also kicking myself that somehow, the four pound roast is what made it into the cart, not the eight pounder. That won't happen again.

I want to see what Ed's take on this is. He hates pork chops but generally likes all things pork. I suspect this will be a hit and that I won't have leftovers.


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