Yet Another Crisis...

This morning, while Ed was over at his mom's to give her medication (which he does every morning and evening), she fell and had another seizure. She's at the hospital, where they've admitted her for observation after doing a CAT scan and running various tests.

It looks like the plans are going to change a little bit. Instead of spending the next few months culling through their belongings, then moving them into some sort of assisted care, they will probably move first and then we'll sort through stuff.

Ironically, I was supposed to take Jane to look at another facility today. We looked at one last month that both of us really liked. If these seizures are continuing despite medications that are supposed to control them, then I can't in good conscience place Ed's mom there. She probably needs skilled nursing care instead of the assisted we had anticipated.

As long as we can hold off until open enrollment to get her a better medicaid plan, we should be better set for that plan.

This means other plans have to fall into place as well.

Why does this always seem to happen when either Ed or I are in a new job situation?


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