The Local Hospital Must Have a Revolving Door

Because Jane is in the hospital.


This time, she has cellulitis. It's a scary infection, but worse when you factor in all her other health issues. She had the good sense to call an ambulance when she could not stand yesterday morning.

Meanwhile, we didn't get a phone call. I didn't find out until I stopped in at their house on the way to class at 4:30. Ed's mom's dementia is apparent, because she insisted that she stood there as Jane called me (nope, didn't happen) and insisted that Jane's been in the hospital three days. "Sorry, Mom, she was here when Ed stopped in LAST NIGHT." I am now convinced that every time she takes a nap, she believes another day has passed.

So, once again, we deal with the hospital insanity.

I guess it's a good thing that I hadn't made any appointments for both of us to visit the Assisted Living facilities that they are interested in viewing. That task will now be on hold until Jane gets out of the hospital. When Ed had cellulitis, he dodged a hospital stay, but was out of work for about a month-and he's a reasonably healthy guy. We have no idea what kind of recovery time can be expected with Jane's issues.

All I can say is it's never boring around here...


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