Yet Again, Scouting Comes Through

After last week's events with Game Teen, some changes needed to happen for him to attend future overnights. Namely, Ed or I have to be on those camping trips to take over if Game Teen melts down.

In a sense, I love the idea, because the end of camping with Cub Scouts is drawing near. At the same time, Chef Jr isn't a Boy Scout yet. I wouldn't be able to bring him. Thankfully, our friend Maureen offered to take Chef. I suspect he and Coaster Kid will enjoy weekends hanging out without Game Teen.

When I left the camp last Wednesday, the leaders had asked for resources and tools to better work with my son. I have a couple of books that I was going to lend out, but I got a phone call yesterday that once again showed why moving with this new troop was the right idea.

Some of our leaders are involved in both Chef's Pack and Game Teen's Troop, and the pack had an activity this weekend. We didn't attend, as Chef had been to the site twice last year. However, there was a disability expo going on-and CARD was present.

For those unfamiliar, CARD is the Centers for Autism and Related Disabilities, a resource network throughout Florida. People can call them to find doctors, social skills therapies, borrow books from their lending library and a host of other things to help learn about the Autism Spectrum Disorders.

While there, one of the leaders struck up a conversation with the woman manning the booth, explaining what had transpired with Game Teen. The woman backed up each situation with "oh, Aspie's need a warning when an activities end" or ""He was probably overwhelmed with the noise" and "they don't accept no very well." All stuff we've said, but not repeated over and over.

Then, the cool part-the woman offered to come speak to the troop. She could speak to the boys to educate them about Asperger's in general and then the leaders separately to give good strategies on working with Game Teen and preventing meltdowns.

It warmed my heart that not only was this leader looking out for Game Teen, but that I was called to ask my opinion. Would I like this presented to the Troop? Heck YEAH! It made more sense to have one presenter, then for leaders to get information from five different sources.

As I said elsewhere yesterday, 40 miles one way? It's a trip I will gladly make each week.


ligirl said…
That's AWESOME. Can't think of anything more to say!!!
DoeWDW said…
Most heartwarming thing I've read all day! That's so great! Restores my faith in the world!
- Doreen in PA

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