No One Has Sung 'The Bear Went Over The Mountain' Yet

You really don't want to hear Giggles singing it, anyway.

When we road tripped as kids, she would sing it over and over and over and over-well, you get the idea. She decided it was time to give our kids the chance to do the same. Thankfully, no one is singing it!

Some sights from our time together:
Dream Lake at Luray Caverns

I took pictures over the back of my seat while we were driving into Luray, and got a bunch of Chef like this:
Sunset the other night

After the sun had set, heading back to Skyland

We've become serious wimps in five years. The mountain gets down to the high 50's/low 60's in the evenings. Guess who forgot their jackets in the dryer in Florida? This is cold to us, folks!


Joyce-Anne said…
Fifty/sixty degrees at night is cold to me too!
ligirl said…
50/60 at night actually sounds quite delightful to me. (Maybe that's the perimenopause talking)

But anyway...I am not familiar with that ditty about the bear! You'll have to hum me a few bars when next we speak!
ligirl said…
P.S. Gorgeous pix, BTW. So glad you are having a such a great time. It is so well-deserved and way overdue!

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