On The Road to Yeehaw Junction

To get on the Florida Turnpike headed south.

I drove the long trip for an interview. The job would be local.

Of course, no road trip is incomplete without an issue. 45 miles into the trip, I passed the camp that Game Teen is attending. Then, I got to my destination with 45 minutes to spare-and a message from a Scoutmaster that they were 'having issues'.

Thankfully, upon my return to Yeehaw Junction and points west

it was determined that to get the most out of Game Teen, less is more. Assistant Scoutmaster realized that keeping him busy, busy, busy was a recipe for trouble. So, we had a little meeting that was very low key, I enjoyed a yummy lunch with the boys and they all proved that they know how to be very polite-even when their Moms aren't around to make sure that they are!

Game Teen requested that Chef and I attend family night tomorrow. After today's 300 mile round trip, the 100 miles there and back will seem like a breeze!


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