Some Things Never Change

We spent an afternoon and evening in our old town last night. Sixteen years in Maryland made it resoundingly 'home' for me. Ed, not so much.

It felt strange to see all that had changed, but in the end, the important things didn't. The friendships we carved out in the planned community we liken to Stepford are still the same.

Our first stop in Frederick was for lunch at our favorite restaurant when we lived there. We worried that it wasn't as good as remembered, the place that would be the first choice to dine out when the town was our home.

No fretting necessary, it was just as delicious as always. Chef and I decided to split a Rasta Pasta entree (of which he easily consumed 2/3), Ed got the Ragin Cajun. They have this delicious Cheesy Beer-Potato soup, and just as would happen five years ago, Chef came over and wormed his way into getting some of that and Dad's lunch. If given the chance, he probably would have done it more.

At the meal's end, we wondered who would be home at 3pm on a weekday. Ed read my mind-we headed over to visit the boy's former day care provider, Alicia.

The day care was identical to when Game Teen and Chef attended and she still has the most adorable kids in her care. Somehow, nearly three hours flew by as we caught up with her. Game Teen remembered attending, as he had just turned four when they started going to her (Chef as only 10 months old). Then it was time to head over to our old block to meet up with friends Karen and Patrick.

We had made the decision to move to Florida and already had the wheels in motion before they arrived on our street. Had they been there a year sooner, I don't think we would have done so. Our kids enjoyed playing together and the adults would talk and laugh for hours. Last night was the same.

As soon as I knew we'd be seeing them, the wine rack was consulted, and bottles were dusted off, for these fine people are responsible for sending us on the road to red wines. Pizza and wine and good conversation ensued.

Karen wanted us to see the downtown improvements. When Ed and I lived there, the Carroll Creek project was just a boring concrete waterway. Now, it's a beautiful area to stroll on a nice summer's night.Capping off the evening was a stop at a great little ice cream shop. It was under different ownership, but they kept the place the same with all of the charm it had before.

Now we are in a hotel room, on our way back to Florida. I wish there was a way to just stay here.


Vixen said…
Going "home" is always bittersweet, isn't it? Sounds like you had a lovely time though.

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