Behold the Double Digit Dude

Chef Jr turned ten today. He's probably enjoying an extended birthday this week, since his brother isn't here to nag him.

Today, he got a few action figures, dinner at a favorite Sushi buffet and then a viewing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Oh, and the owner of the restaurant gave him a ball cap with the restaurant's name on it. Cool!

Tomorrow, he gets the requested crab cakes and Coffee cake. No, not coffee cake as you know it-coffee flavored cake. With butter cream frosting. He asked for both items, then said he'd prefer to go out tonight.

I like how this picture shows off our blue-hazel eyes. Our eyes change color depending on what we're wearing, but we have the exact same color eyes. Mine look green in this and his look blue...

I've got an early appointment tomorrow, but once I get home, we'll be making those items together.


ligirl said…
So happy Chef had an awesome birthday! Please give him a squeeze from me!
Joyce-Anne said…
Sounds like a great day.

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