How We Spent Our July 4th

Chef's Cub Scout pack has had a tradition of participating in the local July 4th parade every year. This year, we didn't have any scheduling issues, so off to Brandon we went this morning. Game Teen's troop was asked to provide support, so both boys were in full uniform today.

(Mom still does not have official pants, so I was in a pack tee shirt.)

Some pictures from the event:
Game Teen before we started off. He was complaining before long, but the Scoutmaster told him if he did the whole parade route, he'd consider Game Teen square on the mileage he owed from last week's hike.

Chef Jr apparently hasn't had enough of the USRDA of plastic!

Brotherly love while we waited almost two hours to step off into the parade route:

One of the parents BUILT this completely functional R2-D2. The skill the dad has is incredible. It was fully functional, runs off a marine battery and R2 had all the appropriate sounds. The whole time, kids were calling out to R2-neat to see!

This is the first parade the boys have ever been in and my first in years, so it was interesting to see the difference of crowds. Namely, most people had super soaker style water pistols and would spray participants.

Chef used that to his advantage. He'd holler "spray me and I'll throw you candy!" and the child was SOAKED. That's probably because we were standing around for about two hours in the sun before we got onto the parade route. (I hardly sweat-I had it rolling down my back today!)

All in all, Chef loved the experience and is already saying he wants to do next year's and Game Teen got in his 2 miles, along with a lot of protesting that he was hot/exhausted/feet hurt/hungry and whatever else he wanted to complain about.

On the way home, I caved and bought them super soakers, then showered and got a decent nap.

It was a good way to celebrate America's 233rd birthday.


Laurie said…
Looks like a lot of fun. I imagining myself getting involved with this wort of thing. I didn't realize I could be a den mother. I want to go camping with my boys...dh says he doesn't camp pffft!
Suzanne said…
Laurie, the boys and I have camped without Ed three or four times now-it's fun. I think Ed likes the quiet house for the weekend, too.

Go for it!

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