Game Teen Blazes a New Trail

He is off doing something that neither Mom nor Dad has ever done.

Game Teen is spending six days at sleep away camp with his Boy Scout troop. We honestly never thought we'd see the day when not one, but both his old and new troop encouraged us to send him with them.

I mean, seriously? This is a child who melts down here, there and everywhere. They have experienced some of his bad, but not the worst of Game Teen-and still they want him to go. His leaders are my heroes for taking him on. (It is highly likely that I will need to bring them hard liquor when Game Teen returns Saturday!)

For a Boy Scout, attending camp is the quickest way to complete a bunch of merit badges towards Eagle Scout. Each boy chose five activities that fulfill the requirements. Game Teen made some good choices and is excited to know his sash will soon have more badges to keep that First Aid one company!

It'll be nice to have respite from the daily drill sergeant duties. I am slightly worried that I'll get a call to collect him before the week is through. Cross your fingers.


Mike Golch said…
I remember my first boy Scout outing when I was a teen as well.I hope he enjoys himself.
ligirl said…
What a proud of him! Hope he has a wonderful time and that all goes smoothly!

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