The Rollercoaster Week

This certainly has been a roller coaster week.

*Sent a kid to camp. Picked the kid up from camp three days later.
*Drove to Port St. Lucie for an interview. Two and a half hours each way. Won't know if I got a job until September.
*Have a stupid, bruised RSD foot again. Apparently, if that foot walks on gravel, it turns purple.
*Got a HUGE gift card from a major retailer to shop and vlog and HAVE A CONTEST.

Oh wait, did I tell you that it's to do a room makeover? For a kid? The one who got sent home from camp? I'm sitting here with said gift card and perusing their web site without said child seeing what's going on. I think we need a few day's distance between what happened at camp and a shopping trip to redo his room.

Other crap is going on, which I wrote a blog post about, but I'm not quite ready to publish. It can be summed up in stating that people who frustrated us in may still frustrate us. It's not my conversation to have.


daysgoby said…

Boo! For dragging-on crap. Really. These people should find better things to do!

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