What's For Dinner Lunch Wednesday

Dinner tonight will either be uninspiring Dominoes Pizza (blech!) or Chef and I will grab a meal afterward. We are visiting Game Teen at camp for Family night. There's another post ahead about that, but Game Teen politely asked if we'd come tonight.

To continue my trend of torturing you with descriptions and pictures of meals, today's lunch is presented for your enjoyment.

Crab cakes are yummy. A lot of work, but the fact that there are always leftovers makes it worth the effort. Today is no different. Chef's requested crab cakes were made last night, along with his Caribou Coffee cake with Buttercream frosting. (That's not a pretty sight, but it is VERY tasty)

I especially like the steam rising from the hash browns. The cole slaw was a perfect copy of the version we enjoyed at Skyland last week. I am happy about that, for Ed and I now have a cole slaw we can agree on (he likes sweet, I like mustard).

Now that I've got a bowl of remoulade in the fridge, I'm wondering how it will taste with fried chicken...


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