Summer Vacations

When I was a kid, the first day of school would start with telling about what you did on your summer vacation. It's funny, I can remember one classmate's trip to Walt Disney World in 2nd grade, with a detour to Georgia. A few years later, someone came back with a Hawaii '75 shirt.

At the time, my summers were full of fun, riding bikes with friends, playing in the big woods off the Campgrounds and just generally having a good time. A trip somewhere would have been the icing on the cake of summer.

The summer I was headed into fifth grade, Dad announced he was taking us younger four on vacation for a couple of days. The day was packed with fun, but the trip was supposed to be four days in upstate NY. Thanks to Ramada for screwing up the reservations, we arrived back home about 24 hours after departure.

The following year, my dad opted for a different hotel chain and a different destination with three kids this time. Inspired by watching the movie "Rollercoaster", we ventured to Kings Dominion, Williamsburg, Va and ended with two days in Pennsylvania.

Giggles and I divided Dad's photo albums when he passed, and recently, she put up this gem of my youth:

This was taken on the last day of our 1977 trip, at Hersheypark, with me wearing the shirt purchased the first day of the trip, a Strasburg Railroad hat, some Andersen pretzel pins on it and a cotton candy that is bigger than my head.

You can't get a better vacation than that.


that photo is so cool.

we didn't do a lot of vacations either, as my dad was a teacher (and later a principal) and spent his summers working in a day camp. we got to go to camp for the entire summer, and we always had a blast.

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