If You Give a Kid an Empanada

He'll be giddy and disco with his french fries:
We had to go to Tampa to get another package of Game Teen's medications (thank you, Bristol Myers Squibb and your Patient Assistance Program!) and all of us were hungry. Ed claimed he was ready to eat his shoe.

Instead of forcing him to do that, we went over to Mr. Empanada. Ed and I got Ropa Vieja Empanadas, Chef got Crabmeat ones (think Maryland She Crab Soup in a pastry dough) and Game Teen got beef and queso blanco stuffed pastries. Three of us LOVED ours, but Game Teen turned up his nose at the little pastries. More for us.

Chef was quite pleased at having delicious crab dumplings (in a sense) that he started dancing with the french fries!


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