Road Food

When I was a kid, my Dad gave me a great book. Well, actually, he gave me a lot of great books. The one I'm speaking of is Jane and Michael Stern's "Amazing America". In it, listed state by state, were some cool places to visit that were a little less well known.

I've long since lost my copy, but on several of our trips, Dad, Giggles and I marked of pages of the book as we visited. The most memorable of these was a place in Cookeville, Tennessee, that was the ultimate in old swimming holes.

There's another book from the couple that I have been meaning to pick up, "Road Food". For some trips, the meals are just as memorable as the things we did.

One of those places lies along I-81 in Virginia. The ten foot, fiberglass man with a pot on his head probably indicated kitsch to those passing by. To us, it beckoned a visit.

The warm apple fritters placed on the table when the waitress greeted us said we'd made the right choice. The drinks served in mason jars, too. The home style cooking cemented this place's legendary status in our minds. Every trip after that one chance stop that brought us in that area had a meal planned at Johnny Appleseed's.

When I lived two hours away, a few times, the ex and I happened down the road to see the fiberglass dude.

The apple fritters made me do it.


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