Great Minds Think Alike

In my travels today, I picked up about a dozen of the sparkling flavored waters that Ed and Game Teen like to enjoy. (I wish they weren't sweetened with Nutrasweet). They're a good thirst quencher and go down well on a hot day or after mowing the lawn.

Small thing-I forgot to tell Ed that I'd done this. We both knew we were out...

Guess what he did tonight on his way home from work? He picked up another dozen of the same sparkling flavored waters.

Now the fridge in the garage is full of these things!


ligirl said…
Looks like a nice variety!!! What brand is this again? Can I get it at Publix?
Suzanne said…
They're from Wal Mart. I think there are ten flavors-Game Teen loves the lemon and Ed's is probably the Mandarin.

Publix probably has them, we would also buy them from Sweetbay-but the ones from Wal Mart taste better, according to the menfolk.

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