Hope You're Not Hungry

A couple of months ago, I bought a couple of those TGI Fridays Skillet Meals to keep in the freezer for nights when I was too lazy to cook from scratch wanted to enjoy a restaurant meal without killing the wallet. Well, the wallet's dead, so I pulled the two things out tonight.

When they were purchased, I was enticed by the dishes and didn't pay attention to how much the bags weighed. I pulled on out of the freezer and realized it probably wouldn't be able to feed a family of four (FTR, Cajun Alfredo Chicken and Shrimp). Thus, I also grabbed the second package and figured we could each battle it out over which we wanted. (Southwest Chicken and Vegetables with Black Beans and Rice)

The saucepans were prepped, the meat packets dumped into the pan. Hmmm. That's probably about the same meat as one serving in this house (about a chicken breast's worth, maybe 3 oz). I look at the serving size information and it is revealed that each package contains "about 2.5 servings". Guess it's a good thing I made two, huh?

As I'm cooking, the boys remind me that they'd asked for the spinach tortellini. Okay, I'll start that when I'm done with the dueling saucepans. These meals come with sauce in one pouch, meat in a second, then veggies and finally, the Southwest Chicken had black beans and rice.

Once everything was in the saucepans, I had to wonder who determines the portion sizes. Most of the time, I don't eat a full portion. If we're at a restaurant, there's usually a take home bag in my future. It's looking like maybe I should be glad the kids wanted something else.

Then I dished it up.

This is supposed to be 'about 2.5 servings' of the Southwest Chicken. (Fork included in picture to show you size of serving.)

The verdict?

Flavor is a solid 9, but the portion size rules out me purchasing them again. If I really was going to get 2.5 portions out of it, the value would win me over. Instead, it's only a buck off of what they'd charge me at our local TGI Fridays-and I'd get MORE there.

Oh well. Guess it's a good thing I cook most nights and don't resort to these things. Otherwise, we'd go hungry.


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