My Stack is Intact

Some updates to the post from the other day:

Nephew is home, after a few hiccups. Let's just put it this way-if you select a date, then select a flight on Jet Blue, when they bring you to the screen to select a seat DOUBLE CHECK IT IS STILL THE SAME DATE! Somehow, M was booked on an August 4th flight, which we did not notice until we got to the counter to check him in.

The rest of fun is just beginning. However, Ed and I have agreed (after he's had a few unpleasant encounters with his Mom) that I will stay away from his family. I think it's best. They don't want to hear what I hae to say, and I grow frustrated with their tendency to stick their heads in the sand instead of dealing with a situation.

At least we discussed that there will be ground rules. A set day for grocery shopping-miss it, and the groceries will have to wait until the next week. Doctor's appointments also will have one day where he'll take them around. I will support him in whatever way he needs, but I will not interact with them.

As for my blog, it's my blog. It is probably most of the problem. Mainly because Jane lurks and never comments. If I don't use her name in something, she is annoyed. If I talk about her, she's annoyed. The answer? Jane, stop reading my blog!

More than that, I can't tell you...


ligirl said…
It's really a shame that this is how it has to be, but the two of you know what is best for all concerned. Very glad to hear that some ground rules have been established. Love and hugs and best of luck with all of this.
Kaoscapt said…
They're not established yet, but we've agreed that they need to be. I'll probably lay down the law once Jane gets out of Therapy. And I do think that there may need to be some interaction between Sue and my family - it will be kept to an extreme minimum.
DoeWDW said…
I hope all works out well. Keep your chin up, Suzanne! {hugs}
- Doreen in PA

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