Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

Thanks to Facebook once again.

My first career choice was radio broadcasting. Little did I know that most disc jockeys make no money, so my tenure in the commercial side of that field was very short (six years unpaid vs. one year paid). However, I am now in contact with probably two dozen of those colleagues from that era that still work in the business.

What happens when your status updates are peppered with those whose lives revolve around music? You get a lot of links to videos from days gone by, of songs you loved back then. At the very least, it means the iPod gets some long forgotten gems added to the rotation.

Such is the case when one of the guys that overlapped a year at the college radio station posts his picks. Dan posted a link to a classic that never fails to get me singing along. It is just!

This is one of those songs that refuses to let you stay in a bad mood. Ever. Yes, I know it comes from the musical "Hair", but this version is the one I love the best.

Thank you, Dan. Thank you, Oliver. Forty years later, your song still makes me happy.


love it, love it, love it.
LceeL said…
Man, that brings back memories.

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