So You Think You Know Me?

There's a quiz going around on Facebook for the past month or so. In it, you create a questionnaire about yourself.

Mine is very tough. No one has scored 100% on it, so perhaps it's a little TOO tough on my friends. But for fun, I'll put some of the questions up here and it will probably give you a little bit more of a glimpse into who I am.

Where did Ed and I meet?
a) Bar hopping on LI
b) the Mall
c) At Nassau
d) At a Hess gas station
e) At Jones Beach

Which band have I seen in concert six times?
a) Rush
b) Squeeze
c) Depeche Mode
d) U2
e) Marillion

Which is not one of my hobbies?
a) Blogging
b) Gardening
c) Photography
d) Cooking
e) Reading

Of these activities, name the one I didn't do in high school:
a) Swim team
b) Choir
c) Drama
d) Newspaper
e) Yearbook

Which topping will not be on my pizza?
a) Pepperoni
b) Olives
c) Onions
d) Peppers
e) Pesto

8) What is my all time favorite comfort food?
a) Roast Beef with Mashed Potatoes
b) Chicken Cutlets
c) Au Gratin Potatoes with Ham Chunks
d) Veal Scallopine
e) Meatloaf

If I won the lottery tomorrow, what would I do?
a) Travel the world
b) Become a permanent college student
c) Buy a huge mansion and a yacht
d) Move to Hawaii
e) None of the above

I pulled out the tougher ones and the ones that list employers and places I've lived.

Want to take a stab at it? Winners get bragging rights, lol.


simba2 said…

Let's see:


Those are my best guesses :) I never do the FB quizes. I don't trust most of the apps running around on FB.
Suzanne said…
You got 4/7. Not bad-the band is a toughie for anyone other than the HS/College crowd, the activity throws people off. Next time we hit Palace, you'll see what does go on the pizza :)
ligirl said…
Hmmm....I remember seeing this and feeling stumped on a couple, let's give it a go, shall we?

Arrrggh...D or E?
Suzanne said…
Donna, very close. While I would do A over the course of years to have stuff to look forward to, there is something on the list that would take priority.

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