Start Spreadin' the News...

I'll be there next year!

Last year, I wished I could go. This year, I got halfway to it. That means, next year is the year for BlogHer, right? The lovely ladies at BlogHer announced next years destination for the ultimate convention of women bloggers:


While it doesn't help me on the quest to see new places, it does have to potential of knocking a few things off my 'To Do' list, like checking out seeing family and friends and checking out some great restaurants I've been dying to try.

Then, factor in the blog friends that haven't attended, either. Grandy over at Functional Schmunctional is on board and Patricia of Notes from the Bunker (one of my first/favorite Twitter friends-@Astrogirl426) is also going.

Somehow, I think the East Coast locale will get a few other friends from around the blogosphere to attend. Perhaps that is what the ladies at BlogHer have in mind, to get more of us to be there.

At least we've got 54 weeks to get things together for August 5-7, 2010.

What about you, blog friends? Does the locale make this a possibility for you?


daysgoby said…
I'm thinking, I'm thinking....
Suzanne said…
Oh please, oh please, oh pleeeeaaaassssseeeeee! As soon as I heard East Coast, you popped into my head!
Janna Bee said…
I am thinking about this one... I guess it will all come down to finances and timing!
well, since I actually live just outside of NYC, it wouldn't be difficult for me to take time off to be there.

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