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I joined Scrolling Saturdays, where bloggers bring back an old blog entry that may not have been read by present audience.

The first one I bring back is from May 14, 2006. The sentiment is still as strong as it was back then.

Sunday, May 14, 2006
Thanks, Mom!

I miss my Mom a lot. It's not something I talk about, but she's there in my head, every day. In honor of Mother's day, I'm going to do what Mom would. Celebrate the positive, instead of dwelling on the sad.

Thanks, Mom:
-for fueling my Nancy Drew addiction
-for keeping the Newsday subscription when I was the only one reading the paper every day (4th grade news junkie)
-for being an example of grace under pressure
-for keeping a smile on your face and a song in your heart when others would have been reduced to curling up in a ball and crying.
-for celebrating the little things and the big things
-for making holidays important
-for Monday night dinners (everything in our house was celebrated on Monday)
-for waking us up at 5am on July 3, 1976 to take us down to Jones Beach to see the ships sailing in for Operation Sail
-for all the trips to "Row Row" (Nunleys)
-for the evenings down at the pool and the Carvel runs on the way home
-for laughing with us at the house fronted in Yellow bathroom tiles
-for encouraging the kitchen efforts that each of us kids made.
-for making me think I could be the first woman president, if I wanted to
-for making my prom dress
-for not freaking out at the time I spent at the boyfriend's house
-for admitting that you still loved my Dad after he passed away, but that sometimes loving someone doesn't mean you can live with them
-for aways making room for one more at the dinner table
-for the joy you had in being Granny
-for the couple of days twice a year prior to our WDW vacations
-for sharing your home for a month when I moved down ahead of the family
-for the shopping trips
-for the weekly phone call to find out my day off so we could spend it together
-for the 39 years we were on this planet together

I love you, Mom.


Very touching. Thank you for sharing that with us.
Melissa said…
Lovely post, 39 years just wasn't long enough, huh?
that was beautiful!!
thanks for playing!
you're awesome!
TheVasquez3 said…
very sweet. a truly touching post!
Tara R. said…
I did this for my step-dad one Father's Day. When he and my mom got married, I wasn't particularly nice to him. He and I finally came to be good friends and I wanted him to know how much I appreciated all he had done. I think this is a great tribute to anyone we love. Thanks for sharing.
Kathryn said…
That was a gorgeous post. Thank you for reposting it. Just beautiful!
Grandy said…
Beautiful post. Thank you for sharing...although was new to me and I appreciate it. I'm going to go and call my mom now.
forgetfulone said…
39 years isn't long enough - That's how old I was when my father passed away. That was a very sweet post.
Melisa said…
Great tribute!
Alison said…
Suzanne, that is a beautiful tribute to your Mom. Thanks for sharing it.

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