Take 397 of "I hate my leg"!

Yep, it's another 3am post. I took a soak in the tub (the lovely garden tub that I'll miss a whole bunch) to get all the yuck and dried skin off my feet. Didn't even touch the RSD/CRPS danger zones on the top of the foot and along the ankle and leg.

That didn't make much difference. I've got the friggin 'waaah waaah waaah' throbbing, stinging pain in the ankle right now. So much for using the soak as a way to calm down and get to sleep.

I'm getting really spoiled by BlogHer. I start posting and they fuel my delusions of being a decent writer by putting me on the front page three times. We amateurs get inflated heads when someone likes the writing enough to give it a bit of exposure.

Today should be interesting. My doctor dictated a letter to my district manager about the shoe situation. In the past two days, my pinkie toes have sprouted blisters from the only shoes that I can wear to work. Today, the big toe got one as well, but this one has some underlying purple as if a nasty bruise is developing.

She's in my store every Monday. I'm wondering how long it will take to get called into her office about the letter (and what Dr. J put in that letter). It's ridiculous that I should be wearing shoes that don't exacerbate the multiple issues and have notes to that effect, but work says No Way, Jose.

Look for updates later...


projectmommy said…
Your poor toesies! I hope work complies... ; D
J said…
Oh you poor thing! I hope it all works out for you!
klasieprof said…
I think we are living separate lives together.
Asperger's, foreclosures, doing too much for others!

Because of my wreck, I can really only wear New balance (now its 854's)...with my inserts.

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