Seek, then seek some more

Yesterday's travels in Lakeland netted us a total of nine houses that looked promising. Now, we are seeking more information. Ed's on one realty's website, while I'm on and between the two, we're locating how much the rent is for almost all of the places on our little list.

Ed went to the county website to see if we have to worry about registered sex offenders nearby. It took one place off the list-there's one just six doors down. I followed up when I got home with looking at the National Sex Offender Registry. I don't want to helicopter my kids and say they can't ride their bikes, and while it is not a perfect word, keeping them away from the known deviants is our job as parents.

Beyond that, we're in a holding pattern on finding a place to live until Monday. First thing Monday morning, we're headed to the two middle schools that Gameboy could potentially attend. It's not just a simple matter of looking at the school's report card when you've got a child with multiple issues and isn't a mainstream student.

No, we plan on heading into the two schools with his IEP and our narrative about Gameboy and his issues. The county website lists programs for Autism Spectrum Disorders, including Asperger's. Ultimately, whichever school seems better equipped to educate to his needs will determine where we will live. Phone calls will be made to set up showings after we visit the schools.

I'm trying not to dwell on what we're leaving behind. The house is one thing, the community is another. We've found a great school, scout pack, cooking school, restaurants and more.

For now, I want to trek over here for the cub scout pack. This is just too good an organization to leave behind. Gameboy was about to bridge into the Boy Scout troop that seemed more than willing to accept his issues. We'll be doing some research on that front as well.

A big thing to contend with for me is the doctors. Gameboy just sees his psychiatrist every 6 to 8 weeks now, we can keep up with her in Tampa. (we kind of have to because of the medications he's prescribed.) We can find a new family practice. We like this one, but thankfully, we've been infrequent visitors. It makes sense to keep my various specialists until I find it too much of an inconvenience to travel to them.

The kids are aware of what's going on. Chef is upset at leaving his amazing teacher, but other than that, the idea of being closer to Mema's pool is exciting him. Gameboy is being his usual self-he doesn't care as long as he can play his games.

I joined BlogHer a few months ago, and never got my RSS feed to funnel my posts from here over there (I'm a dummy on that front, admittedly). As a result, the blog there laid empty. The foreclosure story is an important one, so I put it on there. The response warmed my heart. There were some very nice comments that mirrored those of you here (Thank you, by the way).

Somewhere along the way, a Lakeland news feed blog found my story. Between the two and my regular readers, I had 58 hits today and 30 at 2:30 today. I swallowed my embarrassment at the situation I'm in to tell a story that isn't being told. I thought others would want to hear it. The hits tell me I'm right about that.

This doesn't mean my blog is going to become one story, though. Since this is the big deal right now, you'll see many posts about what is going on. (same as always, but hey, this makes my health seems trivial) Eventually, it may be just a post here and there. Those of you who've been with me a long time know that I am seldom down for long.


Professor Kim said…
Hi Suzanne, I picked up your story from BlogHer. Thanks for sharing what you are going through. I hope your example will encourage others, and that will incite positive change.

Best wishes to you and your family.

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