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Those strawberries and red wine were soooooo good last night. I'm about to bring the laptop into work, so I can upload the pictures. Yes, the store still has my all in one on loan. I'm about to call my DM and ask where our new fax machine is.

Speaking of work, this is the first retailer that I've worked for were all managers aren't guaranteed 40 hours. At Disney, as a full time lead, you were guaranteed 32, but everywhere else, it was 40 plus. The past month and a half have been brutal and I'm getting about 30-32 hours a week. Next week, though, I've got 27 hours. That won't work.

Saw Ed's mom today. She's doing well and expects to be out of rehab soon. I hope it's Monday or Tuesday. I think his sister is pointedly avoiding us-if she visits, it's after she knows we have to be home for the kids. That's okay, and it's just fine if she keeps avoiding the blog too. Something about not wanting to read the tough stuff, I suppose.

With all the trips over to Lakeland, we've been getting home after Chef a few times. He's got a key, but now we think a cell phone might be a good idea, too. I never thought it was an appropriate thing for an 8 year old, but with no land line, it just might be.

Your thoughts...


Angie said…
Geez.. All my retail jobs required me to work between 40-70 hours per week. I don't miss that part of the job. 27 hrs is cutting it a little short though. Hopefully that will change for you soon. Oh, and about the other thing... They can program those cell phones so that they will only dial out to certain numbers. Not a bad idea for a kid, when you (the parent) are being pulled in 10 different directions.
Jane said…
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Jane said…
sweety I am not avoiding you guys honest. It is just easier for me to visit in the afternoon. I go and spend a few hours with her and leave go home and have dinner. I do love you two. I have no reason to avoid you.

OH and I think giving chief jr a phone is a good idea. Why don't you contact at&t and see if they have a phone that can be programed for his protection and have them add it to the bill. I don't think one more phone will kill me.

love ya Jane

6:32 PM

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