Moving Right Along

Yep, another trip to Lakeland. We took a look at the house again, asked our questions and then got the application to rent it. Yes, we can paint, add the rent w/option and no, there's no FIOS-but there is DSL.

We completed the application and dropped it off at the realty office. I'd called my boss while we were on our way to let her know she might get a call. She did, less than five minutes after we left the office. Okay. On the application, they wanted to know where we'd lived for the past three years. Well, we have been in the house 35 months, so they want to contact our landlord from the rental while we were building. The lady that the property manager dumped. The lady who left the house a pigsty for us to move in. She moved to Pennsylvania and apparently is in hiding from more than just us-we never got our security deposit back. (Long story and lousy lawyer involved). I wonder what she'll say if they reach her?

I'm waiting for the call back, because we gave them the info and they've verified all but deadbeat landlord from almost three years ago.

There's a list a mile long to tackle, and I'll be posting it later.


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