Scrolling Saturdays

I nearly forgot to do my Scrolling Saturday post, but here I am with 8 minutes to spare. (Can you blame me for being a little scattered?).

Once again, I give you Ponderings on the Electoral College. It was originally posted on June 16, 2006, but it seems more fitting in an election year:

I know, you're expecting an update of the busy week that has passed. Instead, we consider the Electoral College. What can I say, a phone conversation last night made me think that we should send the Electoral College to Iraq.

Do you think the wonks in Washington might take what's happening over there seriously if their butts were on the line?

Then we wondered what the admission policies were? How do you get in? Is it a party school?

What kind of degree do you get? I ventured Stupidity (since the college has no real correllation to the popular vote). Ed says one gets a Vestigial degree.

How many years does it take to get a degree from the Electoral College if you only convene once every four years?

(Yes, I am officially out of the loop here....Florida is not a bastion of political awareness, folks)


Grandy said…
I don't know if I can answer that math. I'm only barely catching up on the dog year questions. ;)
Heather Goodwin said…
I think you get a degree of arrogance, since the collegians believe they are smarter than the people who vote. I think it is a probably a party school, at least 2 parties, any way. The fat cats think they're elephants, while the others have been accused of being asses.
Suzanne said…

I have to say you are spot on with your assessment! ;)
Mike Golch said…
Suzanne,I'm beginning to thin that the electorical college should go the way the dinosaurs did.the E.C. was created when it was needed,I for one donot see the reason for it now.we donot elect the president any more only a group of a chosen few do that.I.E. this person gets the majority of popular vote that person gets the majority of the E C vote and becomes the much of the poeple and for the people.

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