Tagged again

I've been tagged by Project Mommy, and I am nothing if compliant. BTW, she is a great photographer-I love seeing her pictures!

Without further ado, Crazy Eights!

8 Things I’m passionate about

My husband
My kids
My friends

8 Things I want to do before I die

Travel to Europe
Graduate College
Own a House Again
Watch my boys have successful careers
Have a blog with lots of readers!
Travel to Australia
Visit every Disney park
Get my darn leg healed

8 Things I often say
Thank you
You Rock
Would you please?
Did I ask you to go to bed? No, I told you!
Go to BED!

8 Books I’ve recently or currently reading

Queen of Babble
Anybody Out There?
The City of Gold and Lead
Ain't Mythbehavin'
When he Tripods Came
The Burnt House
Remember Me?
Setting the Table (in progress)

8 Songs I could listen to over and over (just 8?)

Bohemian Rhapsody Queen
Time and Tide Basia
Take Me As I Am October Project
If You Leave Me Now Chicago
Steppin Out Joe Jackson
It's the End of the World As We Know It R.E.M.
Scenes From an Italian Restaurant Billy Joel
Easter Marillion

8 Things that attract me to my best friends
Love of Music
Sense of Humor
Common Sense
shared values
great conversation
putting up with me!
road trips!

I'm not tagging, but if you like Crazy 8's, feel free to take it along and use it. :)

That was fun!


Mike Golch said…
crazy 8's look like fun but I'm not sure I could come up with enough for each catagory.
Gypsydoodlebug said…
STOLEN! ((hugs)) I've had a lack of genius lately. Got a lot on meh mind...
Suzanne said…
Mike, you could make it crazy 4's!

Mandy, I can SO relate to that lately. Hang in there. ((hugs)) right back atcha. At least there's a peep watch going on!
Grandy said…
Hey...good meme!! I just did mine last night and hadn't seen yours. Great minds think alike I guess.

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