Scrolling Saturdays

Sherman, set the wayback machine for May, 2006, since it is time once again for Scrolling Saturdays!

I am a sucker for People Magazine. It fuels my 'useless trivia queen' status. I don't buy it all the time, but when I do, I read every darn article in the thing! Here's what runs through my brain (and my blog) when I pick up a copy.***

I admit it, I am a People magazine addict. It's my guilty pleasure-junk food for the brain.

Now that I've perused most of it (it's probably good for an hour's reading time), I ask:

Where is the picture of Tom and Katie's baby? I don't think she really exists-and why did they name her after a Lemur in Disney's Dinosaur?

Do they still produce celebrity Death Match? It'd be kinda funny to see Denise Richards get clobbered by Heather Locklear!

Is Chris Knight marrying the girl who was swooning for him on "The Surreal Life"?

Is Star Jones whatsherface off the View or not? I've only seen this show in doctor's office waiting rooms and found the woman to be unbelievably annoying and full of herself. I thought she was kicked out because Rosie was joining, but People says she *may* be out. LOL

You all know how little tv I actually choose to watch, so I find it weird that this stuff is so fascinating. That said, I'm glad the guy from American Idol got the lead singer job with Fuel-who wants to sing stuff like "A Moment Like This" and sound like they got songs Whitney Houston passed on in the 80s?

Heavy thinking, huh?

Back to the present day:
I think that Suri isn't Tom's child and was actually born in January 2006. Katie was seldom in public view, had the ever shrinking belly and they say the child can do things that are too far ahead of her peers. Besides, didn't Mimi Rogers dump Tom because he was shooting blanks?

I still think Heather Locklear could whip Denise Richard's butt!

Chris Knight married Adrienne Curry and now they're possibly having a baby. Their show is a train wreck. (Thinking your husband would like a photo album of nude pictures of you with another woman? )

Heck, Star is gone AND Rosie is gone from the View. Still don't watch it, though!

After all the sturm and drang of the past few days, I think a little fluff was needed. And peanut butter. Fluffernutters, anyone?


that was an awesome post!! i agree about suri...definitely NOT toms baby...because how, all of a sudden...when he couldn't impregnate any of his other wives...was he able to impregnate his girlfriend, now wife?
i don't watch the view, either but...i love people magazine!!
forgetfulone said…
Great post!!!!!!!!!!!! And I don't watch muct TV either, but I'd pick up a People magazine and read it in a heartbeat.
Gypsydoodlebug said…
Lord, you know I read every one of those magazines. Katie Holmes was so cute on Dawson's Creek. What the hell happened?

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