When I started this thing over two years ago, I never thought about where it would go or what it would become. I heeded a friend's suggestion to write. She'd pointed me towards a blog she had enjoyed reading and got me hooked. "You can do that, you like to write."

I never imagined that I'd have friends in the computer who read it, people I don't even know even! That I'd join other crazy bloggers and promise to write something every day. Or even that I'd have my friends griping that I didn't write often enough for their liking when I would put up a couple of posts a week.

I guess they are getting the last laugh, because it's been over a hundred days since anyone has said "when are you going to write again, anyway?"

Then again, you all might be wishing I shut up! :)

Thanks for reading...I promise there will be many more.


Grandy said…
Keep it up lady!! You're like 43 days into your 365!! Whew...makes me tired just thinking about it. ;)
Mallory said…
I love that you update so frequently! It is awesome to get that daily peek into the day-to-day life.

ProjectMommy said…
I enjoy reading your site. You're funny too!

For some reason I'm special and have problems figuring how to comment you....
Mike Golch said…
since you mentioned crazyness,I have an award for you.come and get ithttp://mjgolch.blogspot.com just look for the puppy and grab a copy and post it to your site.Mike

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