The simple things mean the most

Happy Valentine's day to all! Yes, I know some of you hate it, some of you think of it as a "Hallmark Holiday", but I'm a sap and have always enjoyed it. It's an excuse to eat candy and spend time with the ones you love.

We've had a tradition for most of the past few years. We have a chocolate fondue after a yummy dinner. Well, I had it in my head that I'd be doing this today. My plans included stopping at the supermarket on the way home for some strawberries, heavy cream and a cake like substance to add to the other stuff already at home and ready for the fondue pot.

I got home and tell Ed that I got stuff for fondue. He tells me he's way ahead of me. He leads me to the fridge, where there are some chocolate covered strawberries chilling, along with some chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels. Yum.

It gets better, he also got a card and a box of Godiva and Chef Junior made sure I had a box of my favorite Valentine's day treat, Conversation hearts.

You can keep your jewelry-I've got better stuff right here!

(Oh, and if you're an Amalah reader, you need to check today's post) Talk about a happy Valentine's day in their house!


imaginary binky said…
Mmm... chocolate. Your fella is one smart cookie.

I heart you on this day!
Suzanne said…
He did a super spectacular Scharffen-Berger and Ghiradelli blend. San Fran's finest chocolates. I'd share if I could.

Hope you have a good Valentine's day after your honey gets home from the Bathroom fundraiser!
Joyce-Anne said…
Sorry, I'm too busy packing to think about celebrating today. At least, the oldest child seems to have recovered from her stomach virus. I believe she even enjoyed some chocolate today. Well, there's still lots to take care of before we leave for the land of all things Mickey!

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