The fairy tale and the real world

The fairy tale we envisioned:

We'd move to Florida
We'd have family to help us and provide support for our issues
We'd have them around the dinner table often
We'd do things together, visit theme parks, zoos, tourist sites

The reality:
We are the caretakers of ALL
We are watching someone slowly die because they think it is too hard to take care of themselves
We don't get a break
We never have people to our house
We are constantly bailing out others of their frequent crises (but don't get the same in return)

Frankly, it fucking sucks. I am tired of it. I wrote a long post, but the party it is directed at probably won't listen to the blunt message contained in it, even though she reads the blog every morning.

I feel like Ed and I never catch a damn break...when do we get our fairy tale, our vacation cruise, our disney passes, our company, our relief?

The question is, do I give up trying to make a difference, or do I post a message that is long overdue? Or do I tell someone to stop reading the damn blog because I am tired of censoring myself? (and Donna and Joyce are probably tired of hearing all that I want to write, but don't)

Your opinions are appreciated and encouraged here.

**In the interim, I'm putting it on the myspace page. If you're already on there as a friend, you'll find it. If not, email me and I can add you on. It may or may not end up over here, too-that's why I'm putting it over there.


Allie Bear said…
Hey, thanks for stopping by, this is the first post I've read from you and I don't know what exactly the situation is but I started blogging so I could be whatever I am feeling that day. I don't have to pretend to be happy on here, if I'm having a bad day or something sucks then I can talk about it and I have my friends on here to give me input. So, if something is affecting your life and you want to blog about it you should do it, but then again I can be brutally honest. Sometimes people appreciate this quality of mine, usually not at first but then they come around.
I hope you get your fairy tale, at the very least, part of it.
Joyce-Anne said…
There's been many a time you've listened to my family drama. I certainly don't mind returning the favor! In as far as the fairy tale, maybe a relocation is just the thing to make that happen.
Suzanne said…

Believe me, that has been a topic of conversation A LOT lately. If my favorite sister ever decided to move off Long Island, I know I would be jumping ship. ;)
Suzanne said…

Thanks for coming to visit. The original intent for the blog is to use it as *my* therapy. However, the person involved gave Ed crap about what I wrote. (Even though he agrees 100% with what I say). x

Yeah, I can be brutal when I see stupidity...
klasieprof said…
I am headed out for the movies, but I do have ideas.
I just started another County Parenting group of Love and Logic, (check out their website) because SO much of it works for RELATIONSHIPS too, not JUST parenting.
The Goal, and what you have FUCKING GOT TO DO...if You want a life with your sweet baboo ....Is place the responsibility of the person BACK on that persons' shoulders. I'll explain more later..
BUT if THEY KNOW YOU will Deal with it...
WHy should they?
thats a nutshell I gave to go my 14 yo is all RAMBO"d up.
Make CHanges NOW or nothing WILL CHANGE!!
Suzanne said…

Girl, you crack me up! You hit the nail on the head, but the other adults in the picture have allowed for the situation to happen.

For instance, Ed agrees with every word I wrote and the other adult and I talked yesterday and both of us said the exact same things. However, neither of them will say to this person what they say to me. It needs to be said.

(when I wrote it last night, I was channeling my Dad's tough love mentality)
Bob said…
Suzanne, don't know the whole situation but, you guys have worked too f#$@%*& hard to get to your fairy tale. Sounds like you need a 2x4 to get her attention first- right between the eyes, she obviously doesn't get subtlety and probably not sarcasm either (neither?).

Be there soon
imaginary binky said…
I haven't really talked about it, but the reason I'm going to Texas is because my father is starving himself to death. He is clinically depressed, very sick, and incredibly selfish. There is so much more I could say, but alas...

I feel your pain. I hope your fairytale comes true.
Suzanne said…
Sarah, I'm so sorry you're going through that. It's so frustrating to watch someone kill themselves slowly...

and so far the tally is:
Post it:12
Don't say anything: 0

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