Odds and ends

Yep, another night where sleep is elusive. CRPS/RSD is just so much fun. Since I'm up, you get some little things that don't quite merit their own posts.

*The DuoDERM-it's making a difference. Slowly. Nurse M's original thought was that the dressing would stay on for up to a week. However, with my itchy skin, I need to change it every 48 hours or so. It stinks when I take it off (but it is odorless when it goes on.) Cross your fingers.

I do need to get more compression stockings, though. I can't use the DuoDERM without one and over time, my supply of the stockings has dwindled. The 20's got runners in them like the weak crap they were. The 30 to 40 graduated are the best for me, but I've only got two of those. When the tax refund comes in next week, off to the medical supply for a pair of the jobsts.

*Giggles got a Pink Nintendo DS for her birthday. Her hubby saw through the 'I need to get him points" stuff when she was playing her son's DS. Now she's trying to figure out how they both can play the same game at the same time as the DS is supposed to do. I'm no help, my kids haven't done that yet. Oh, and I mentioned the awesome Zelda games to her. So far, she's just entered the Pokemon world. Even I like watching the kids play Zelda on the Wii, so I thought it was a good mention.

*Joyce and Tim are in Florida, yay. Either we'll see them later today (kids are off from school) or Thursday. Looking forward to seeing the clan over at WDW, though we won't enter the parks. If their son was just a tad older, I'd say mini golf would be a worthwhile endeavor.

*The Dakar will be run after all. However, it will be strange that the race that's named for its final destination will not even be on the same continent. I'm very happy that the organizers found a way to tell the terrorists that they didn't win.

The Dakar always has been run in the off season for many racing series-this new schedule runs smack dab in the middle of many racing calendars worldwide. How big will the field be?

*Thank you, all of you. I had a record (for me) of 41 hits on Valentine's Day! Now, on that same day, Amalah had well over a thousand comments for her happy announcement. I'd love to be on a par with the lovely Amy, but boy, I'm grateful for the 41 of you who did drop by! :) (and no, I can't pull one of those announcements off, anyway)

*I knocked another thing off my list, by cracking 10,000 posts on the DIS. Come on, it's a message board of Disney freaks, you think I wouldn't post there?


Grandy said…
There's a Disney post? I must have a looksey. Sorry I didn't stop by on VD Day...issues. I would have made it 42 ya know. ;)
jeisea said…
Sounds like you're having a tough time. I have CRPS/RSD. There's a whole new approach to chronic pain now which puts you back in control. Science has proven the brain changes with chronic pain so the new approach involves retraining the brain. I have a blog about what works for me if your interested. Hope things get better for you

Suzanne said…
Grandy, I spend my non blogging time on the DISboards, a disney fan site. I've been on there for almost six years. Ed probably wishes I never found it-but the site has provided a lot of useful info over the years.

Jeisea, thanks for that link-I'll be coming and visiting. My brain definitely needs some retraining where the pain is concerned.
The pain has shifted in location and type. Wearing shoes was bad before, but now the RSD is a factor in it, too! Ugh.

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