Long day!

Today was inventory day at work. thanks to some issues with the auditing software, it took FOREVER to get audit reports. I arrived at 5:30 am and didn't leave until 8:30 pm-and it still wasn't done. Thankfully, we only do this once a year!

The child leaving comments on my blog got a reprieve-I'll be stopping in at the smoothy place and UT tomorrow. I left his comment up so his boss and UT can see it. However, I've switched to moderated comments. It's temporary until this issue is resolved.

Tomorrow, I go back to Nurse M. I'm not sure if I'll get a new Unna Boot. The back of the calf is all scratched from the boot rubbing, and there a big purple bruise where the foot meets the leg. When the RSD is flaring this bad, Nurse M doesn't like to put a new boot on.


Grandy said…
What child leaving comments? I have to read back to catch up I guess.

Hope all went alright with Nurse M?
Suzanne said…
My entry about "False Advertising" seems to have brought out some kid that probably works at the place I blogged about. He googled the name of the business, found me, and put some pretty graphic and profane comments on the blog.

That's really the way to prove your point in a disagreement, isn't it? ;)

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