Pepperoni on a skateboard?

The new Lego magazine showed up at our house today. This, my friends, is a banner day for us. Both boys will read those magazines until they fall apart. They dream, the are inspired, they tell us the $5,489,656.92 of Lego product they want now.

Of course, this means those Lego pieces will show up on the floor for the parental units to step on. In my case, they are only stepped on by the LEFT foot and in the part of the foot that hates stepping on something as small as a crumb. Good times.

Ed announced this new arrival with glee, as he is the first to peruse this edition. (Note to self: go to the post office and pick up the other two copies that are in the box). It is best for us to keep abreast of the new sets and make note of which ones the boys keep mentioning in conversation.

Anyway, Ed reminded me of one of the then frustrating, now funny Lego requests of yesteryear. Chef Jr was about three years old and Christmas was approaching. We'd ask him what he wanted and he'd quite happily tell us "I want pepperoni on a skateboard!". (Even then, the kid KNEW his wants) For easily a month, we heard "I want pepperoni on a skateboard!" Color us confused-why would you put pepperoni on anything other than a pizza?

Back then, we didn't really look at those Lego magazines. Gameboy was the lone recipient in the house at the time, but Chef did look at those magazines. Come to think of it, Gameboy probably monologued to Chef about the contents of those magazines and that's how the boy learned the stuff to ask for.

Well, Christmas came and went and no pepperoni on a skateboard. He even asked why he didn't get it. Somehow we bluffed and it was forgotten-until we were at Walt Disney World a couple of months later.

The family trooped over to Downtown Disney (I even think Donna was with us-do you remember this?) and we made the boys happy by heading into the Lego store. Gameboy was quite content to shop in the store on his own, but Chef had to lead me around by the hand. All of sudden, the child went bonkers, "Mommy, PEPPERONI ON A SKATEBOARD!!!!" and drags me over to this little ten dollar Lego set.

It was an X Games type set that had a half pipe, a skateboard, and a pizza delivery dude wearing a white ball cap, sunglasses and a pizza on his shirt. Chef was overjoyed and nearly singing with glee "pepperONI". Oh, THAT's what you meant! The child was jumping up and down and so very excited that his stupid parents finally understood what he was asking for!

I think Ed and I were laughing so hard we would have peed ourselves. Of course, we had to buy that set. I thought Gameboy got some other X Games type thing, but Ed's memory on Lego purchase is scary-he remembers the dud of a basketball court set that was chosen.

Chef carried that Pepperoni Dude (as he was called) around for months. In fact, if I go into the giant tub o'Lego (33 quart Rubbermaid), I'm sure Pepperoni is in there somewhere-wondering where the heck his skateboard is!

Oh, and Pepperoni is camera shy, this is the only image I could find of him on the Net!


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