Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

We're taking a very long walk down memory lane today, I hope you're wearing comfortable shoes!

The beauty of living in the nation's largest television market is that as a kid, I got to see some decent children's programming. Some of what you will see is hopelessly dated, but hey, it was the good stuff at the time.

I mentioned Giggle's yesterday. She was an early bird, getting up at 6:30 in the morning. Not me. However, I can remember many a school morning waking up and finding her plopped in front of the tv, watching the show above. Dig the 70's hairdo on Doug!

Another one that I remember her and Sorta Sister watching is Magic Garden. In fact, Chef Junior earned a Magic Garden nickname as a toddler, he was called the Chuckle Patch. I'll see if I can find a decent video for that, because he laughed just like it.

Carole and Paula never called my name, but I'd watch them just the same. I have to give them major kudos, the songs are stuck in my head 30 years later. Another one is headed your way (two if I find the chuckle patch).

I trotted this one out at work the other day and one person laughed so hard that she nearly had an accident. It's a classic from the always great Sesame Street.

The programming for kids now is so sophisticated. Back then, the programming was simple. However, it had staying power-before I sought out the You Tubes for this entry, I could sing all of these songs for you. I'm wondering how many of the shows my kids watched (except for maybe Bear in the Big Blue House) they'll be able to recall when they're older.

Time for work, so I leave you with this gem...

I'd give you the "Kids are People, Too" from the couldn't miss show, Wonderama. Alas, the versions of it on You Tube are not worth adding here, but the words?

And so we hope
You'll understand
and try to lend a helping hand (ba dah duh dahhhhh)
Kids are people
Kids are people
Kids are people, too
Wakka du, wakka du wakka du!


ligirl said…
*sigh* Since I have the "Clearwire Curse", Viewing YouTube videos is just a pipedream for me! But, I DO remember those shows fondly! Hey, how about "Wonderama"? Remember that?

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