We'll Take It

After the rollercoaster of sadness and disappointment, it was nice to have a day like yesterday.

Well, not all of it. Princess made me sit in chairs for 45 minutes when all I was there to see Nurse M for is some DUODerm to get me through until Wednesday's appointment. I was quite specific in what I needed, when she told Nurse M why I was there, TOLD HER to grab a couple, but no, she made me sit in chairs-and probably didn't tell anyone I was there.

I suppose it was good that made me late for work, for as I turned out of the hospital parking lot (at a time I would have already been working), I got the call from the realtor. We'll be renting the house. In a few minutes, we're headed over to our bank to get a money order (cheaper than a certified check) and sign the lease. Phew.

Later, when I left the store for my break, I found a message from my contact on the job front. She couldn't find my resume in the system, and asked for my social and the job posting number to locate it. I left her a message with the info and she called back right before I was walking back in the door from break. Not only did she find my resume, she found that I made the first cut for the position. So, out of hundreds, I'm down to dozens. Yay.

The last piece of good news is that Ed's mom has an interview/test on Tuesday. If she passes, she'll be home Wednesday. I guess we're moving just in time...


Mike Golch said…
Hey Kiddo I'm pulling for ya!Best of luck at beating the dozon out.
Bob said…
Good luck on ALL fronts. We're all in your corner up here in Jersey.
See you soon.

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