Yeah right!

I was over at Project Mommy and she mentioned finding your celebrity lookalikes here. They never come up with anyone who looks remotely like me. Hello? I do NOT look like Sandra Bullock. I wish I did, but that doesn't mean I do!

I went and did it. This time, the biggest female name they came up with that resembled me was Ashley Tisdale. I guess that would be pre nose job. (Oh wait, that was surgery to fix a deviated septum!).

It's pretty sad when it comes up with things like Rob Schneider, Jimmy Stewart and Roald Dahl.


ProjectMommy said…
Sandra Bullock is pretty! My hubby tried it and all he got was David Schwimmer and the rest were women! Ha!
Grandy said…
Ummmm...I got Morten Harket. Don't know who he is? Neither did I. He was the lead singer of A-Ha.

**Special note...Had a HUGE crush on him in high school but never knew his name.

How is it they think I look like him??
Suzanne said…
I'm a geek, I knew the name. This brain is FULL of utterly useless musical information!

The only thing I can come up with from the one picture with Ty from Mexico is that your eyes are shaped like Morten's. That's all I can come up with.

At least you didn't get Rob Schneider! (though that was 41%, thank God!)

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