Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday: The Soundtrack of Work

This week, the joys of working retail and the soundtrack it provides.

Except for a few jobs, I've lived my life working mostly retail management. As a result, I usually do not have control of what gets played while I'm at work. There is the good, the bad, and the ugly associated when corporate wonks make the music choices (because they don't have to hear it, ha ha)

The Good:
Current Job: Right now, they're on a 70's/80's kick in the DMX disc that is sent to the store. For instance, I went in for a floor move this morning and we had great songs:
Sweet Dreams/Euythmics, Who Needs Love Like That?/Erasure, True Colors/Cyndi Lauper, Love Shack/B52's, Our Lips Are Sealed/GoGos, Video Killed the Radio Star/Buggles, Cars/Gary Numan, '65 Love Affair/Paul Davis and tons of other stuff.
Previous Job: The owners had XM for both stores, so it was safe to assume that if I had customers in the kitchen, I controlled the music. On top of that, I made some mixes on the iPod that I'd get requests for. (That was actually GREAT!!!)
Disney: I listened to a laserdisc or DVD all day. For the most part, it was good, with the "Magic Happens" era of 90 minute loops being the best.
Both Restaurants: Fortunately, the demographic that Unos and Outback expected to dine in their restaurants were my age group-so the tunes were all things I enjoyed.

The Bad: Working in a therapy practice. The other girl in the office refused to let anyone change the radio station, in fact, she got downright nasty if she knew I'd been listening to a different station when NO ONE was in the office but me and the owner of the practice! I endured one of those soft rock stations that only played a 50 song playlist over and over. I'd live for the half dozen decent songs and try to tune out the rest.

The Ugly: Working in department stores. Why do they think people want to hear synthesized string versions of Beatles and Neil Diamond songs? I think I spent years tuning the music at work out because it was so horrid.

I'm kind of appreciate that the regional director asked last year when visiting our store what we thought of the music. She described what we had at that time as "funeral dirge worthy." All of the managers in attendance that day said we wanted 70s/80s. Here we are a year later, and that's what we have.

It's cool to go to work and enjoy what I do-and the soundtrack that goes along with my day!


Allie Bear said…
When I was in high school I worked at Old Navy, let me tell you, that was torture to the ears, especially at christmas time. They always played super trendy music and it looped every 2 hours or so. So, you basically got to listen to super annoying songs 4 times a shift, as soon as we closed we immediately turned off the music and put our own in, then we danced around the store, it was actually kind of fun.
Suzanne said…

I think you endured worse-I could tune out the Muzak!

At Disney, we could put CD's in after hours-but they could only be Disney music. My coworkers tell me that they cannot hear "IllumiNations", "Whale of a Tale" or "Ugly Bug Ball" without thinking of me bopping around and/or singing along! :)

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