Video Camera number Three

While having two Macs is really good in most areas, there's one arena in which it can be frustrating, and that's synching with digital video cameras.

Let's see, the Kodak Playsport? Not a problem. The Sony Bloggie-the software only would allow me to download the video files, but I couldn't change the format from portrait to landscape, so I have four videos that are filmed in landscape that look like gravity didn't work when I was on Long Island!

I exchanged the Bloggie for a Samsung, which is a more conventional handheld DVR. I hadn't shot any video with mine, but I did use someone else's up in NY and realized that the SD card wasn't extracting the video onto the Mac. Then, this past weekend, a friend borrowed it to video tape an assignment for her class. That's when I realized that yep, there's a problem.

The answer is that I'm to use iMovie, which I hadn't used before. A little bit of work later, the videos were extracted, exported to MP4s, then burned to a DVD and handed off to be turned in. I just need to do the same with my other SD card.

I'm thinking that I need to explore what other video editing products are out there to do this, instead of using iMovie, because it's a PITA!

Next digital video camera, I'll be double checking that they're Mac compatible first!


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