Back to Work

You know what sucks when you're about to go back to work after three weeks off? Insomnia.

Yep, didn't get to sleep until almost 4am, by my estimate-the alarm went off at 7am to get our butts out the door for work at 8am. I made it-and made it through the day with just a 20 minute spell of laying on the couch in the office.

Three of my classes worked in the computer lab while I was gone, with varying amounts of success. I can monitor the classes in the program we use in real time, their teachers cannot-so some students used the time doing other things and others far exceeded what I expected them to do in three weeks. Generally, the ones who sit in the back and are quiet are my rock star performers!

The day started rough, then got better as it went on, but I hit a wall at about 1:30 that I worked through, then at about 2:30, decided if I was going to make it until the staff meeting, I needed to take the stress off the neck, which is when I laid down.

I had to resolve some connectivity issues, had some of my own, and basically spent some time in nearly every classroom. My students got to see me in the neck brace last week and the week before, because they do tend to get anxious with change-I gave them a chance to see what I'd be sporting until Christmas. The other classes, not so familiar with me, had a lot of curious kids with the neck contraption.

It's good to be back.


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