I had every intention of returning to class last Wednesday, but I wasn't feeling so hot and was concerned about getting to Tampa, feeling worse, and being stuck trying to drive home. I emailed the professor, asked about the take home mid term he'd mentioned we would have and he told me that it was posted on the class blackboard.

Once I downloaded it, it seemed ridiculously easy. Yes, there were three questions that included things I needed to do some digging to figure out, but it was okay to use Excel and formulas, so I felt pretty good about it. I got to campus early, wrapped up some things, installed the printer drivers for the common Education printer onto my laptop and then printed out my completed spreadsheets.

Then I got to class early and a couple of people said they thought I dropped the class. (The professor and one other student were the only ones who knew about the surgery). The professor arrives, I walk up to him to turn in my mid term packet and he looked a little concerned "C'est que ce?" and I replied that it was my test.

See, the take home was supposed to be turned in last week, but he's not hard and fast on most deadlines, and considering the surgery, I was okay. BUT, then he handed out an in-class mid term, too-and said that students could either give him their take home now, or after the exam.

I had NO heads up on this exam! Everything we'd talked about prior to my departure for surgery was that the mid term was open book and take home. Nothing in the announcements pointed to this in-class version! He probably told them in class, and thought I knew about this one, since I do chat with another classmate (who wasn't there tonight-odd).

Thankfully, it was multiple choice, and about 80% of the questions were things I knew from taking Psych Stats almost three years ago. Heck, when I was doing the take home, I found it easier than the homework for that undergrad class.

So, I'm definitely not getting an A, but for a major exam I didn't study for, I do think I landed solidly in B territory. What a relief.


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