My car is dead.

And dead in the it needs $5,000 in repairs that I don't have, won't have, and have no way of getting, either.

The worst part? VW had been told pretty much since day one that my car slammed from first to second gear. This apparently indicated a fatal flaw in the VW Tiptronic transmission. For many years, I'd complain, I'd leave my car overnight so that they could test drive my car and get the whiplash inducing snap of the neck when the car revved to 3000 rpms, then decided "oh wait, you wanted to go into SECOND gear", then slammed back down to about 1500 rpms.

Every single time, I'd get the car back and get the message that they were unable to duplicate problem. Three different dealers, 90-something thousand miles. Until that first visit for a service call, the one where I said 'replace my transmission fluid, it's slamming from first to second gear,' and they came back and told me there was a problem with my transmission. Of course.

The Florida lemon law is written that if you have numerous complaints about the same issue in 24 months, the manufacturer has to remedy it. Thing is, I thought it was a nuisance, not a greater issue with the transmission. If you Google "VW Tiptronic" (my transmission, there is a ton of information about people's issues.

What's worse is that there is also a ton of information about the thousands of consumer complaints and VW avoiding responsibility for this issue. They extended warranties on one component on the transmissions, rather than do the right thing and fix the actual issues.

I found a class action lawsuit online. After reading through it, I contacted the lawyer and asked if they were still accepting parties to the class. Unfortunately, it's probably too late for my car.

The end of the line for our family is number 12. Twelve VWs have been purchased by either me, Ed, or someone in our immediate family. We won't buy from them anymore, and that makes me sad.


JW said…
Your car will not go in reverse because of the transmission. WOW. $5000 WOW. Speechless on this. Just shaking my head and wondering what can be done to remedy this whole thing.

I have never been privy to any vehicle though I was told Honda and Toyota are very reliable and so we have Toyota. What isn't told is how expensive it can be to keep them up because they are foreign cars. Thinking about going American made for cheaper parts for my next vehicle.

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