I made my Tex Mex chicken today, a recipe I kind of cobbled together when I was writing for Tasty Thursdays for Trisha over at MomDot. It's an easy crock pot meal and once done, the chicken is shredded and can be used in various ways.

GameTeen is kind of picky, so I offered up chicken soft tacos for him, which really was the same thing as the rest of us had (lazy enchiladas), just not baked. Ed and Chef devoured their helpings, then finished off the rest of the pan of enchiladas. If there had been more, I am sure both of them would have eaten. (Not to worry, there's probably about 2 pounds of chicken left, and I can make chicken tostadas with that.

With every bite, Ed was raving about the food. "These are amazing", "I think these are better than I've had in many mexican restaurants", and the corker, "I'd pay for these!", to which I put out my hand and said 'That will be ten bucks, please'.

Then he said he need to have refried beans and mexican rice on the plate, too! Darn it, I thought I was going to get paid for making dinner!


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