Thinking of Unplugging from Facebook

At least until November 7th, that is.

I have friends with a broad spectrum of political views, very broad. I like sharing and discussing with them, hell, the 16 years in the DC 'burbs was fantastic for having in-depth conversations about what is happening in our nation's capital.

This election cycle, though, is my first on Facebook and it is grueling. I'm mostly immune to the mud slinging and name calling, because I don't watch a lot of television and my car radio is tuned to the local NPR station. Most of my news comes from me scanning several sources (Washington Post, Daily News (hey, it's free, unlike Newsday), and various television news sites), so I don't see many political ads.

I am not used to this quantity of hatred-on both sides. Most of the people I know can be respectful of opposing point of views, but the ten percent that aren't have really been so ugly that I probably will have to hide them or go away briefly. And that does include some people who share the same ideologies.

For those that don't agree with me, it's not going to make me think better of their candidate-or of them. For those who do want to vote for the same candidate, you aren't helping our choice.


I know what you mean. I have friends. . . One minute I'm sending hugs and good thoughts, the next we're arguing about politics. Three weeks . . .It's over in three weeks.
JW said…
A we wonder why alot of people don't get into politics. I watch from the sidelines and listen to NPR type programming as well as PBS stuff, especially on debate night.

I see the political fighting on twitter ALOT and even if I don't know who the person is I can tell who or what they are by how slanted their comments are and what corner of the political field they happen to sit in.

The political stuff I see on my FB I do a quick read and then go on paying no attention to it. Been tempted to post a comment to it but why bother. I just go about my business. The toughest thing in politics is those heavily involved have a mindset and will not listen to reason because they have tunnel vision and support their candidate no matter what and they just make no sense.

I have never gotten involved in politics past voting though I went to a TEA party rally once. I stayed for 30 minutes. The rally was ok but the speaker was a major turn off for me. He has had issues, from what I read, with the local political scene and why the TEA party chose him to talk was beyond me. Other than that I am not holding up signs for anybody to vote for. I voted 3rd party last time.

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