I Survived Ax Murderers!

Actually, I went over to Downtown Disney and had dinner with four ladies I've known online for anywhere from 5 to 10 years. You know, online friends are really ax murderers and convicts who are trying to do you harm.

The only harm they did was making me laugh so much that I was dealing with the tiniest bit of a headache when I departed. One of the ladies, Colleen, is here with her husband and we were regaling him of online stories. He was game to help us out with our shenanigans of posting pictures to our Facebook group. Good people all around-maybe they left the axes in their rooms?

Oh, and if you are curious, the food at Raglan Road was fantastic. I had a steak salad, which I felt I had to get because it featured a horseradish dressing. Now, I have to email the restaurant, because I NEED that dressing in my fridge. (Understanding that there are usually two or three jars of the stuff in there at any given time-we like the stuff!)


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