Three Weeks

Tomorrow marks three weeks since surgery. Tomorrow also marks my first day back to work. In the past, I would have rushed back to work and amazed my doctors and coworkers. Now, I know better-take all the time you can!

So, the progression through recovery, in pictures:
In the recovery room:
Ten days later, when the bandage fell off
I'm still tired and very sore, but the soreness is due to cutting out the pain meds as soon as the ER told me my liver enzymes were elevated. My thought was that I will do my best to tough it out, but it'd probably be better to do that and take as needed in this first week back to work.

What surprises me is that years ago, I spent almost ten weeks at home, healing from a wrist reconstruction and in that time, I plowed through about fifteen books and two video courses (Management principles and Intro to Marketing), that led to me getting CLEP exam credit for two college courses.

I thought I was going to spend soooo much time working on schoolwork, and instead, I'm finding it's really hard to read for long periods of time. It takes time, and I'm thankful I only have two courses this semester!

We'll see what the week brings...


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